Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Ol' Country Christmas

Christmas afternoon we got ready to make the icy, snowy journey to my Mom and Dad's. We finally made it to their house. Luckily we have Matt's truck now so the roads weren't really a problem.
We got to my Mom and Dad's and had a delicious lunch! My mom is the best cook!
Then it was time to open some presents!

Oh geez! What's in there!!!!

Great, it's a guitar.

Christmas was so wonderful! We all were so blessed to be able to be with one another!

Somebody Made The Nice List!

Matt and I sat in the living room for Ben to wake up and see that Santa had came.
Ben finally got up. He walked in and didn't even notice the drums! (We aren't much for mornings around here!)

I made him go get some clothes on (he was in his undies). He got back and got started on his stocking.

Then after that he did a little jam session on his drums for us! Honestly, the drums aren't that bad... It's worse when Matt plays them!

I guess someone made the nice list this year!

A Flusche Family Christmas Eve!!!!

I love Christmas Eve with the Flusche's! There is never a dull moment!
During the day I had everyone over to just hang out and eat some yummy food! Also the plan was to let Ben and Landon play so they weren't bugging us about when it was time to open presents!
Here is Matt in his awesome Christmas "sweater" T-shirt!
I had to get a GIRLS ONLY picture! This was a Flusche first... a baby girl! Thanks Christy!!!

Before we left for John's Ben put the reindeer food out. It was like a blizzard out there! We had a very white Christmas in Oklahoma!
We always go to John and Beth's on Christmas Eve night... it's so much fun!
Beth cooked us a yummy dinner! Our picky guys ate chicken nuggets, blah!

So every year Matt makes us take a picture with the plastic Santa. This thing is made to be outside... But, in true Flusche style John likes to keep his plastic Santa inside by the tree!

Then it was time to OPEN PRESENTS! John and Beth got Ben some great stuff! Ben and Landon also got the coolest thing from Uncle Luke and Uncle AJ. FLIGHT SUITS with AVIATOR GLASSES!

Matt also got them a package of fake mustaches... which just made the suit!

Sweet Macee had a great time too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First Batch... But Not My Last!

I made CINNAMON ROLLS for the first time ever! I used the Pioneer Woman recipe... Out of her cookbook.
My house smells delicious and my thighs are SCREAMIN!

Baahhhaaa! You're So Funny!

Last Friday we went out to eat for my brother, Jake's, 27th Birthday. We all meet at Freddie's Steakhouse in Sapalupa. So yummy! My mom sat Riley (my niece) next to Ben thinking it would keep her happy while we ate.
Riley thinks everything Ben does is so funny! She likes to also do everything he does. Ben isn't really much of a baby person. But all of us think it's funny!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Cookies & Reindeer Food!

Ben and I had Landon over to make cookies for Santa and food for his reindeer.
The boys made about 4 cookies... and then they went to the backyard! Boys are so impatient! The cookies turned out really cute. They are supposed to be little Rudolph's.

Then Christy and I finally got them back in the kitchen to make Reindeer Food.

I think they turned out SUPER CUTE!

These two boys are ready for their guests! ...You know Santa and his reindeer! ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Decorating, Decorating!

This year we went to a Christmas Tree Farm and got a real tree! My plan was to cut our own tree down... But of course I picked a tree that had already been cut ;)
I let Ben do most of the decorating. Then I discovered that he was putting every ornament on the bottom of the tree and the branches where hanging to the ground! I just did a little adjusting... sssshhh.

We also did our GingerBread House. This year I bought it at Target and it was the best kit I've purchased. So easy!
Ben used every single piece of candy... and I mean ALL of it!

Branson Christmas Vacation

We went and spent a weekend in Branson... "Blankie" went too! (hehehe)
Our plan was to see the lights at Silver Dollar City... BUT it rained all day! It was cold, cold rain so we didn't stay :( We did have some fun though!

Friday night we took Ben on the Branson Railways "Polar Express" Train. Unless you are getting First-Class tickets I don't recommend it. For the money we spent it wasn't worth it. Ben did enjoy it... But I don't think he would recommend it either, haha!

Santa came on the train and talked to all the kids and gave them a sleigh bell. Ben's eyes got HUGE when Santa sat down in front of him. He was so excited!
Then the conductor came and punched all the kids tickets... Ben really liked this part!

Ben and I drinking our hot chocolate.

We did go to Silver Dollar City... thinking it would stop raining. It didn't! Ben was exhausted from all the cold and rain!

Saturday night we went and ate yummy Mexican food and hung out on Branson Landing. They had these giant snowballs that where lit up... Ben showed us how strong he was (hahaha)

Even though our trip wasn't what we had planned there is no two other people I would rather be with!

Trucking Into Christmas!

I always try to find Ben some cute Christmas jammies. But now that he's 4 it's hard to find something "cool" instead of "cute" (haha).
So I found some really "cool" sleep pants at Gap but I needed a shirt to go with it. So I made Ben this:

It was super easy and now I want to iron on everything!!! hehehe!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Weekend!

What a busy weekend! But, I would rather be busy than just sitting at home... bored!

Friday we went and ate at Los Cabos then took Ben to Bass Pro Shop. They have lots of things for kids to do in the Christmas part of the store. He didn't sit on Santa's lap but he did mail his letter to Santa there.

Saturday morning we went to the Broken Arrow Christmas Parade. It was so cold! The boys loved it as always and came home with tons of candy!

After the parade we helped Matt put up the Christmas lights on the house.

Then it was time for my nephew, Landon's Pirate Party! I can't believe his 5!!! We all had so much fun! Christy did a great job... she had the kids do a treasure hunt and they loved it! Ben loved all the pirate gear he got... he was VERY upset that he lost his earring, heeeeheee!

What a wonderful weekend!