Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Destin Fun! (pt 5)

We all had so much fun playing at the beach (and doing a couple other things)!!!!  The weather was gorgeous (with just a little rain).  Most days were "red flag" days, which meant we couldn't go too far in the ocean... but we had one "yellow flag" day and it was PERFECT!
We loved Destin and we loved the time with family!  Can't wait until next time!!!

excited for a "yellow flag" day!

chillin' in the ocean!

beach baby Macee

boys in the ocean on a "red flag" day

we're all safe now! LIFE GAURD REESEY!

lovin' on Daddy!


sleepy beach baby

hanging with Daddy in the ocean!

diggin' a hole!

crazy boys! (Gavin, Paul, and Tanner)

FUN with Uncle Marc!

Early morning beach walk with Daddy.
mini golf!

Destin Fun! (pt 4)

While in Destin we went to a few great restaurants.  I never had a bad meal! 

dinner fun at the wharf!

Flusche wives!

love at Fudpuckers :)

the boys checking out the 'gators!

lots of Flusche's and a little 'gator!

Destin Fun! (pt 3)

A little crabbin' and fishin'!
The only thing Matt wanted from this trip was to go crabbing and fishing!  Well he and Ben did both!
We all would go down to the beach at night with flash lights and nets and look for crabs.  The boys only caught one the whole week... but they still enjoyed going!
Then all the guys paid to go fishing out in the middle of the ocean!  They brought back a lot of fish and we grilled it the next night-YUM!

they got the crabbin' gear!!
Lookin' for crabs!
getting ready to fish!

awesome boys!

watching Uncle Paul.

Destin Fun! (pt 2)

Sunday and Monday we celebrated Luke and Laura!  They had a wonderful rehearsal and an absolutely beautiful wedding!!!!
us 4 at rehearsal dinner
the beautiful couple!!!
Sissy and Daddy watching the ceremony.

Reese checking out Gavin's moves-ha!
Flusche sister in laws!

Reese doing a little dancing!

happy girls!
Bubba to the rescue :)

walking with Papa and Grandma Beth.

sweet babies dancing!

so in love!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Destin Fun! (pt 1)

Friday we loaded up and started the long drive to Destin, Florida for Luke and Laura's wedding!
We were so excited!  14 Flusche's and 1 house how can that not be fun?!?!?!  The house was in a nice beach side gated community.  We had a golf cart and would load it up and just drive a little ways to the beach.  It was super nice!
Reese's first time to see the ocean!

SUPER excited Flusche boys!

Reese with Papa

This just screams EXCITED!