Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reese's First Haircut

Reese got her first haircut today!  Her hair is gorgeous, but it was getting straggly.
I took her to our friend Lindsey and she trimmed it up for Reese.
Reese did great!  She wouldn't sit by herself in the chair but she didn't cry or try to move around.  She looks like a doll... of course!
This is before...

Waiting on Miss Lindsey!

Here we go!

Smiles for Miss Carrie... and a yummy sucker!

And after...

lots of flips!

sweet baby face.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Little Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids had a little Valentine's surprise waiting for them when they woke up this morning.  Reese got a new book, and Ben got a Lego base plate and chocolate.
This afternoon Reese and I went to Ben's school for his class Valentine's party.  The kids had a good time, and Reese loves to hang out with the big kids!  There was lots of sweets and excitement--it was perfect!
It was a great day with lots of love for everyone! xoxo

silly kids!

Ben's Valentine's for his friends at school.

fun game! Cupid's Arrow
my sweet Valentine's---love my babies!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Lego Man

Ben is LEGO crazy!  He has been since he was little.  Now he is making things from his own design.  
He also likes to order individual pieces off of the Lego website... when he has enough allowance saved.
Ben's been working on a house for a while.  He builds it, takes it apart to "fix it", then builds it again.  Or he adds different things to it.
Here is his creation as of now:

He loves landscaping!

fish tank :)

bathroom with a bathtub/shower

I love the kitchen!

backyard with dogs and a cat.

Reese 18months

Reesey turned 18months on Feb 3rd.... she needs to slooooow down!  She's getting so big and it makes me sad.
She is so FUN right now!  A ball full of energy and personality!  Reese is always on the GO and constantly in to something.
Reese is in 18month/24month clothes.  She's pretty short so she is still in 18 month pants.
She is in a size 6.5 shoe, and a size 5 diaper.  Reese weighs 27lbs and is 33.5 inches tall.
Reese loves strawberries, cheese, yogurt, pretzels, chicken nuggets, and LOVES fruit snacks and cookies.
She is starting to say more words... even though they are still kind of hard to understand.  Her favorite words are "dada", "good girl" (which is the dog), "mo" (more), bakie (blankie).
Reese never goes any where without her blankie or bracelets. She is very girly!
Reese loves to be outside... it's her happy place.  She is always carrying around her books and looking at them.
She loves to do anything her big brother is doing!  Ben is so good with her!!

The weather was so pretty yesterday so I took a bunch of pictures of Reese for her 18th month.

She always has bracelets on!

Backpack, backpack!