Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

We've had a fun filled weekend of Halloween festivities!
Saturday night we headed to Main St. It was really crowded and not really Ben's scene :) We didn't stay that long.
Ben and Landon on Main.

Sunday night we headed to Aunt Christy & Uncle Marc's to Trick-or-Treat with Landon and Macee!
My Little Luke Skywalker!
Okay maybe he's not so "little" anymore heehee!
-Ben with Papa John-
-The boys with Uncle Luke-
Aren't they so cute!
"The Bat Mobile"!
Sweetest little bumble bee/jedi :)

-The first stop-
GOOOOOOO Ben & Abigail!

Checking out the loot!
One happy little boy!
Ben & his Uncle Luke :)

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Here is some pictures of us carving pumpkins. I had a great idea for my pumpkin but she didn't turn out :( Matt and Ben's pumpkins look great though!

My pumpkin required some power tools haha!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Projects

When I was sick this week I played on the internet a lot. I came across some really cute stuff I wanted to make :) Here they are!

I made these cute mod podge pumpkins! I got the idea here:

Tonight Ben and I made these for his class. They're dipped Oreo's YUM! I found this idea here:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Ben, Matt, & I went to the PUMPKIN PATCH tonight! Ben asked to go to "the one with the big slide". We all picked out our pumpkins... Ben had to have one that "weighs 10 pounds" haha!
We got some great pumpkins and then went to dinner at Ben's favorite, El Tequila.

On the hunt!

Found one!!! At least he thought he did ;-)

The big slide!
left-Matt's, center with the warts-Ashley's, right-Ben's

Ben's First Field Trip!!!

Last Thursday Ben got to go on his very first field trip! His class went to a local church's pumpkin patch. All of the kids had a lot of fun!!!

-Story Time-

Mrs. Hayes talking to the kids about pumpkins.

Just a little messy.

Ben & Cydnee

Boys being boys!

YAY K4!!!

Ben picking his pumpkin.

Showing off his teeny pumpkins :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am borderline obsessed with Miranda Lambert! So when she announced that her tour was coming to Tulsa I freakkked! The day the tickets went on sale I was online at exactly 9am and had my tickets bought by 9:02am - haha! Matt and I got front row seats.... now this didn't mean we were right at the stage. There is "general admission" & I'm to old for that area!
I have been to concerts before but I have never been more excited to see a concert in my life! I was screamin, jumpin around.... SO FUN!!!!
Opening for Miranda was my other favorite Eric Church!!! He was awesome and very entertaining! Plus he's not to hard on the eyes either (wink wink).
Miranda was GREATTTTT! She was a rock star/country star haha! She stopped the song so she could break up a fight (in general admission) heheehee!
I had no idea I would be able to bring my camera in! So I didn't bring one :( I had my phone but all the pictures are blurry... Plus I couldn't stand still long enough to take a good one!
These pictures might make your eyes hurt... but here ya go.

Eric Church!

Thanks Babe for a GREAT night!

Look who we found! Colby & Tana Carlow :)

Gotta love a girl who rocks a pink guitar!

T-Shirt Timeeeeee
So happy!!!!