Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Fun In The Sun

We had some of our family over for some fun in the pool.

My niece, Riley Jett & I loungin'!

Ben & Landon trying to dunk Matt. Matt was worn out from those boys :)

My brother, Jake & Riley playing.

I have no idea what Matt's doin'... But I think it's hilarious!

Riley using her Mommy, Jessi, as a float :)

I ran inside to get the chicken ready for the grill. Then I came back outside to get some pictures of my niece, Macee. This is all I got!

She was done already!

I love having everyone over! We always have so much fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pool Is OPEN!!!

Ben and Landon officially "opened" the pool for summer on Sunday. The water was about 76 degrees... bbbrrrr!

They also played in the sprinkler.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Over Already???

Ben's Tball season is coming to an end. We are all so bummed! We loved watching Ben play and I loved watching Matt help coach. I am so proud of Ben! My boy can play some ball!!! Here is some pictures from last weeks games.

Hangin' out on 1st Base. I love this picture!

Ben and his friend Jayleigh (#2 in orange).

He's so fast!!!!

Playing pitcher... Diving for the ball.

Throwing home.

Gettin' dirty!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ben's Last Day of Preschool

Ben's last day of preschool was today *sniff sniff*. I have been sad all week just thinking about Ben not going to preschool at the church next year. He has been going there since he was 2 years old. I can remember when he first started going and he would cry... it was horrible! But the teachers and faculty were so great with him. Then one day he just went in to class with no problem and participated in all of the activities. He loves Ms. Kristen and all of his friends in his class. I think I'm sad because I now realize Ben will be going to Pre-K next year... All day, five days a week. He is a big boy now :(

Today at Preschool they had a Fun Day to celebrate their last day.

There were bubbles!

They got to "paint" the sidewalks with water!

Ben and his friend, Brecklyn.

The kids got to draw with sidewalk chalk!

Ben drew this and this is what he said it is: "It's you and Daddy. You're hugging! And that's a heart above you." I had to take a picture!

Then there was a table with shaving cream. The kids started off just smearing the shaving cream around.

Ben & Jayleigh playing in the shaving cream. Jayleigh would NOT look at me :)

Ben and Cason... still clean.


The kids had it all over them! It was on their clothes, face, arms, legs, & also in their hair!

Then Ms. Kristen brought out the "snack bucket" and all the kids sat down nicely and raided the bucket!

Ben also had made his last art project at preshool. It's a portrait of me...

Such a Mommy's Boy.. and I love it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ben's Preschool Spring Program

Today Ben's preschool put on a Spring Program. This is so the parents can see what the kids have been learning this year. Ben told me last night he didn't want to get on stage and sing, so Matt and I didn't think he would participate. Umm, we were wrong! I got some video (I would have more but I held the camera sideways and you apparently can't flip a video). ENJOY!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Ben woke me up Mother's Day morning with a big hug and kiss! Then he quickly ran back to his room and came back pushing a big box!
Ben always makes my cards.... and I love it!

That's a Pink Flamingo :)

Ben and Matt got me the best presents!!!!

Yahhoo! Shopping money!

Keurig Coffee Maker! If you don't have one of these... GET ONE!

We spent the afternoon at my Mom's with all of my family. It was a wonderful Mother's Day! Ben and Matt always know how to make me feel extra loved! I love my boys so much!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun At The Park????

I took Ben to meet his buddy Jack at the park Friday. I love when Ben gets to play with Jack... Because I get to visit with his Mom, Tonya! I just love her! She's a great mommy and a wonderful friend!
So we meet at a park and behind the park runs a little creek. Apparently we don't need the swings, or jungle gyms that the park had. We just needed some water, mud, rocks, and sticks! That's what makes these two boys happy :)

What are you boys up to???

It's In Their Blood

I love that the boys are old enough to play baseball! It is so much fun to watch Ben and Landon play! Today they played at the same time, on fields next to each other. It was funny to watch Papa John, Uncle Luke, and Uncle AJ go back and forth between Ben and Landon's game. (Although, Papa John is used to it... When his five boys were younger they all played baseball!)

Ben (Tigers) & Landon (Red Sox)

We have another nephew, Tanner, who plays Baseball too. We don't get to watch him play though :( He is our Far-Far Away Flusche. All the way in Bahrain. But we love getting to see pictures of him playing!

Tanner (Cubs)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ben, The LEGO Man!

Ben has always loved blocks. He still plays with the blocks he got for his first birthday! But this week he has really been into his Lego's. These are the tiny Lego's, with all the tiny Lego pieces. The tiny Lego pieces that I find randomly laying on the carpet, EVERYWHERE! Anyway, Matt decided that they needed to make a shopping trip and buy more Lego's. They bought a rescue vehichle themed Lego set.
Matt and Ben started on the rescue helicopter that night but didn't get to finish before bedtime. When Ben woke up the next morning he started back on it. Every once in a while I would hear a mad growl coming from his room. But he was making progress all by him self.

Then something would break off and he'd get mad. I tried to make him take a break, but he wouldn't. I tried to make him wait for his dad, but he wouldn't. I tried to make him stop asking me to help, but he wouldn't.

He got the helicopter almost done and then decided to fly it around. It broke.

I got home last night and Ben ran to show me what he had built all by himself! Matt didn't help him (he got called to work on a problem for work). I just can't believe that at 4 1/2 years old he has the patience and knowledge to follow the direction book and put these tiny Lego's together to make a truck! It just amazes me!