Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Pickers

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch today... finally!  Everyone keeps getting sick or it's been raining so we finally had a nice day to go.  I spent the morning at the Urgent Care with Reese because she has a bad cold :( But we went to the patch just for a little while.... pretty much so I could get a couple pictures of the kids-ha!  Oh and so Ben could get the biggest pumpkin there!

Here is Ben's picks!  One for him & one for Daddy!  Ben cleaned his pumpkin out and then the neighbor kids came over.  So Matt was left to do the rest by himself :)  I tried to get a good picture of the pumpkins carved but couldn't.  
I also found this really cool pumpkin idea on Pinterest so Matt made it.  He used a "Funkin" so we could use it every year.  It turned out really cool!
Matt and Ben also made the front porch really spooky this year!  The scary blue lights look really neat!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shepherd's Cross

Today was the first field trip of the year!  All of the 1st graders loaded up and caravanned to a beautiful working farm called Shepherd's Cross.  
The farm has an annual Shepherd's Pumpkin Festival.  The kids played fun games, were able to pet animals, go thru the hay maze, see pumpkins growing on the vine, and take a hay ride around the farm.  
The kids had a blast!  


a little duck, duck, goose-which gets very intense-ha!

1st GRADE!!!!

hay maze fun!

sweet face :)