Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mad Scientist

Ben is really into "science". He likes watching "Sid The Science Kid" videos, The Discovery Channel, the show "How Things Work". He definitely gets this from Matt!!! For the record Ben thinks science is only mixing different things together to see what happens. Matt has tried to explain to him that there is all kinds of science, he isn't having it. I find the weirdest things in my freezer-he really likes to freeze things :)

So Matt told him they could make their own volcanos, which Ben is really into also. So he started bugging me at 7am this morning about getting everything to make a volcano!

the ingredients

the volcano

the eruption!!!!

Then things got a little out of control! Matt & Ben used 2 bottles of vinegar, a whole big box of baking soda, & a bottle of red food coloring.

Thank goodness Ben has Matt!!! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready For Some Football!!!

Ben had his first flag football game last night. It was so fun to watch all the kids. They were so cute out on the field! Ben is #2 and plays for the Sooners. I think he's still trying to decide if football is his sport or not :) Oh and he also doesn't like to be on the field when the cheerleaders come to cheer for the team... the kid cracks me up!

He's got his game face on!!!

Talking to Uncle Luke after the game.

Here is a video of Ben running the ball. I think after this is when he decided he liked defense hahaha!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ben's 1st Day of Pre-K!!!!

Today I sent my baby to "big boy school". Ben started Pre-K ... no turning back now!
Matt and I took Ben to his class and made sure he was settled in and okay with everything. Ben went in to class just fine... no tears were shed (from Ben, I cried like a baby!)
I couldn't wait to pick him up from school. Mrs. Hayes put Ben in the car and he was so excited to tell me about his day! He said that he had fun and likes his new school. I was so happy!!!

Here is some pictures for you all to enjoy! He looks so handsome in his uniform!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Date With My Boy!

Tomorrow Ben starts school. He will be in Pre-K all day, every day. (I don't know what I was thinking hahaha) I am going to miss him so much! (tears are flowing already) Well since it was his last day of "summer" I thought I would take him on a special little date. It was more for me... he could've cared less hahaha.
We first went to Sweet Tooth. It's a little candy store in Tulsa. Ben was excited about this! He loves sweets like me :)

Whoa! That is a lot of candy!

Then we went to lunch at El Tequila. Ben loves their queso!!!

This is what Ben told me while eating: "I hope he is our waiter next time! He makes the best cheese dip ever!" haahahaa!

I am excited for Ben! He is going to love school! But being a Mommy I have worries. This is the first time he won't be at a school where I know everyone. The first time he is away from me for 7 hours, 5 days a week. So thanks to my friend Erin I know exactly how I am going to handle Ben's first day. I am going to pray and trust that he will have a great day. Oh but you know I signed up for any and every volunteering I can do at his school haahaaha! I'm not letting him get to far :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School Supply Shoppin'

Today I took Ben shopping for school supplies. He has 13 days until his first day of PreK!!! I can't believe my baby is buying school supplies :( I had to take pictures hehehe... Ben was not happy about this.
I couldn't believe all of the supplies we have to buy. Ben's going to need a UHaul the first day of school!

What's first on the list???

That's a lot of glue sticks!

2 pocket folder... check!

Then he got a little distracted :)