Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daddy's Helper

The wind has been blowing around 20-30 mph for the last week! All this wind is reeking havoc on everyones allergies, my tree that I have in an urn by the garage, and apparently our backyard fence.
Ben came running in saying "Mommy, you have to get my old shoes!" I asked him why. He said "I have to go fix the fence in the backyard for Daddy!"
I looked outside and one of the boards had fallen and our dog and the neighbors dog were just talking to each other through it. Ben put the board back up and propped a piece of wood against it. That didn't hold it. So after dinner he got out his work gloves and hammer...oh and a step stool!

Little Benjamin Crocker

Today Ben and I made his friends at school a Bunny Cake. Of course Ben loved decorating with all the candy!

It turned out really cute! Ben is very excited to take it to school tomorrow!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go Tigers!

Today was Ben's first Tball game! It was so windy and a little chilly. All the kids did great and had so much fun! Ben did great! He hit the ball, ran fast, and even slid home on his last run, hehehe!
He's ready to go!

Up to bat!

Good hit!

Hanging out on 3rd base with his Daddy!

Waiting on the batter to hit the ball.

Good Game!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Fun

We had a very busy Spring Break full of fun and friends!
Tuesday my friend Tonya came over with her boys Jack and Judd. We also had four of the Dalton kiddos over to play! It was a little chilly that day but the kids didn't really seem to mind.

Everyone having lunch at the big table :)

Ben and Jack dressed up as Spiderman so Macie had to also. Macie wore her Spiderman costume with pink boots, very sassy!!!

They all enjoyed an afternoon snack of chocolate chip cookies! They are all just too cute!

Wednesday it was FREEZING! But we braved the cold and went to the Zoo to meet friends.

I can't believe we got all the kids to stop for a picture.

It's a good thing we had Ben and Jack to navigate for us!

"EEEWWW that goat just spit on me!!!!"

Ben, Henry, and Jack hanging out!

Thursday was beautiful and warm! We went to Hunter Park for a picnic, playing, and duck feeding.

Friday Matt took off work and we tried to go to Riverside and play but it was so crowded! We walked around a little bit and then left.

Ben was supposed to pose like the runner... guess he wasn't in to it :)
We left the park on Riverside and went to a nature park in Broken Arrow. Ben played on the playground, we had a picnic, and took a walk through the nature trail. It was a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over The Hills and Through The Woods...

Ben and I spent last weekend at my Mom and Dad's. Although I am not really sure why I went. When Ben is with his Gigi and Pops I am nonexistent.

We got there on Saturday and were outside all afternoon and evening! Ben and my Dad made a fire in the fire pit and we roasted hot dogs.
My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came over too!
We all made my favorite, SMORES! Yum Yum!!!
Sunday Ben and my Dad headed outside again to do some work. Mom and I stayed inside and she tought me how to make her famous pie crust! Then we all played outside, walking around in the woods and riding the 4 wheelers.
Ben was sad to leave... He would stay forever if he could! He immediately fell asleep in the car! We got back home to the City and he woke up... Half asleep he said "I didn't want to leave her house."
Ben is so blessed to have his Gigi and Pops and he loves them so much!