Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Always Having Fun!

Reese is always on the move!  She's in to everything and always playing with something or someone!

haha!  having fun with Bubba!

she loves to play in her room!

her cute new kitchen.


this is her favorite cabinet!

Walkin' On Sunshine

Little Reesey is walking!  She started taking steps last week.  This week she has taken off!!!
She's still a little wobbly and likes to crawl some since it's faster.  She walks in to her room now and plays with her toys and little kitchen.  It's so cute!!!!

Oh The Drama!

Reese is 100% drama!  She cracks us up!!!  The other morning during her breakfast I snapped a bunch of photos with my phone.  These are the faces she made in about 30 seconds-and I love them all!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Randomness

We are having a good summer!  It's a hot one... like most Oklahoma summers.  We have been swimming with friends and just hanging in the A/C.
I can't believe it's only a few more weeks until school starts!  Reese and I are going to miss having Ben home all day!  He's her play buddy :)
Reese is walking now and almost ONE!  ugh!  My babies are growing too fast!

My babies relaxing.

Watching RIO!
Loving on her baby.


Hanging out at CherryBerry.

Making messes... what she does best!

Walking baby!



Ben went to another BTR concert!  He and I went with Christy and Landon.  It was so much FUN! 
 We took the boys to eat mexican food first and then to the concert.  They both got a tshirt and poster.  The concert was great!  Both boys got to give Carlos five... which was so cool!  Ben had a blast!  I love making these fun memories with my boy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

We had another great 4th of July celebration!!!
Lot's of fireworks and lots of FUN!
We went to Marc and Christy's for their annual 4th party.  It's always fun and the kids run around and have a blast!!!

Reese and Mommy before the party!

Reese and Papa John

Mommy's two little firecrackers!

Reese cooling off in the pool.

All the kiddos!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 Months!

Reese Marie you are 11 months old!!!!
I'm guessing you weigh around 23lbs. (We don't go to the doctor again until 12months).  
You wear 12 month clothes, but are quickly growing out of those.
You wear a size 3 diaper. 
You like to wake up bright and early-usually around 5am or 6am.
You take 2 naps.  A short one in the morning and a long afternoon nap.
You are a good eater...If it's something you like.  Green beans and grilled cheese are your favorite!
You are loving real milk!  And you LOVE all kinds of fruit!

You crawl fast and cruise around the furniture.  
You can stand alone for a few seconds.  I'm not sure when you are going to start walking.
You love to get in to EVERYTHING!!!!

You just started clapping you hands.  
You love when Ben sings If Your Happy And You Know It!
You love your pink purse and like to put it on your shoulder-ha!

You are ornery :)  But oh so sweet!!!  You smile at everyone!

I can't believe I am planning your 1st Birthday!  Time flies when we're having fun!