Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cancun 2010

Sunday Matt, Ben, Me, and my Mom got on a plane and headed to paradise! We all went to Cancun, Mexico. It was so fun! We mostly just hung out on the beach, and in the pools at the hotel. One night we ventured out and went on the Captain Hook Pirate Ship! It was a show and dinner. Ben loved when the other pirate ship invaded ours and the pirates fought!
We all enjoyed the trip so much! Here is some pictures for you to enjoy.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 Generations

Today Ben and I went to Momo's (my grandma/Ben's great grandma). Everyone and I mean everyone came to see Grandma (my great grandma/Ben's great great grandma). Grandma is 88 years old and is an amazing woman! I can remember when I was little going to the farm on Sunday's and the house smelling like fresh sausage. Even now when I make sausage for breakfast I always say "Aahh the house smells like "Grandma At The Farms" house :) She is a sweet little lady and is very special to my Mom... and many others. Here is a couple of pictures from the day.

Gigi and her grand babies.
Ben & Riley playin'.
All of the great and great great grandkids. (Missing a few I'm sure.)
All of the grandkids. (Some are missing.)
Grandma (in the pink pants) and 5 of her 6 kids.

5 generations. Ben is Grandmas first great great grandchild.
(This is my Mom, Ben, Me, Momo, & Grandma)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We had such a fun, long weekend! Friday Matt, Ben, and I went to Bigsplash... we all got burnt :(
Saturday we went over to Marc and Christy's to celebrate with Family and their neighbors.

A little nap before playing with Landon

Everyone's $$$

Lil' Vampires

Brothers blowin' stuff up!
All the kiddos watching the fireworks.

Playin' it cool... like he always tries to do.

Sunday we just hung out together and then went to dinner at Los Cabos. Ben loves to go because after dinner he gets to throw rocks in the pond. Before it got dark we headed up to the church to watch all of the fireworks around Broken Arrow.

Watch out for the geese!

Sitting on the hill watching all the fireworks.

I Wear My Sunglasses

Ben got himself some new Batman shades for Mexico. I don't know why I think it's so funny... but I think everything he does is funny. He also wears them on top of his head like Matt... cracks me up!


One of Ben's favorite shows is WIPEOUT. He loves it and sits the whole hour and cheers the contestants on. He'll say things like "Go DUDE, you got this!".
Monday I went outside to hang out by the pool with Matt and Ben. Ben had set up a WIPEOUT obstacle course... sort of =)
Here's a little video for ya! (oh and Matt is not happy about this video being on here. hehehe)