Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We had another WONDERFUL Christmas! Lots of family time-which is always so fun!

-our Christmas lights-

-the front living room Christmas tree-
-our real Christmas tree-

-my little village-

-the mantel-

-baking chocolate chip cookies for Santa-


-Christmas Eve with the Flusche's-

-I made my father-in-law "reinbeers" heehee-

-another year, another picture with plastic santa-

-silly boys-

-baseball card books-

-Sissy opening gifts-

-all the kids got scooters!-

-sweet Macee-

-the craziness of opening presents and Papa John & Grandma Beth's-


Ho-Ho-Ho Santa came!
-my sweet boy opening gifts-
-baseball pitch back-

-Sponge Bob!-

-beautiful Christmas morning with my two babies-

-LOTS of Legos-

-helping Sissy open her gifts-

-new toy for Reese!-


-Gigi always does great stockings!-

-lots to unwrap at Gigi's-

-Me and my sweet Reese!-

-They love their Gigi!-

-everyone unwrapping-

-she loved the wrapping paper-

-My Dad made Riley a playhouse! It was so cute!!!!-

-Pops made Ben this amazing "treasure chest"! Ben loves it!!
-We made this for my Mom & Dad. They loved it of course :)-

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's A Christmas Party!

Today was Ben's class Christmas party!
We had a kid friendly potluck for the kids... those kids can eat! We're talking seconds and thirds!
One of the moms read about the first Christmas.

Then the kids made gingerbread nativity scenes... and they turned out really cute!
We also had a birthday cake for Jesus... with party hats and party blowers!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookie Exchange 2011

I hosted the annual Cookie Exchange this year (with MAJOR help from Tonya)!
We had about 16 girlfriends come... each with 4 dozen cookies :) We had some yummy food and great conversation!
I really enjoyed everyone coming over-it was so FUN! Here is a few pictures from our night:
Me and my beautiful friend, Tonya.

Flusche ladies!

COOKIES!!!! (some of them... we had two tables full!)

Everyone getting their cookies.

Some fun conversation!

Thank you, Tonya for all of your help! I couldn't have done this without you!!!
And thank you to all our friends that came! I can't wait for Cookie Exchange 2012 :)


Ben was combing his hair when he got out of the shower tonight. He said "Mommy, I really like having a cowlick in my hair. You know why? Because it wouldn't be as awesome if I didn't have it."
Good gracious this boy! I never know what he's going to say anymore :)
But he is right! He's got great hair-ha!


Just in case you didn't know you're supposed to say the title of this blog in Buddy the elf's voice ;0
We took the kiddos to see SANTA!!!! We always go to BassPro because it's so festive in there! Plus Ben can write and mail his letter there.
Ben has only sat on Santa's lap two times before but he did it this year for Sissy-sweet boy. (oh and that isn't lipstick on Ben, it's of course candy cane!)