Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Matt and I decided we didn't want to wait until April 8th (my next Dr's appointment) to find out what our little miracle was. So we made an appointment at Miracle In The Womb for an ultrasound :)
Matt, Ben, and I got in the ultrasound room and waited to hear if it was boy or girl. The ultrasound tech started and like 2 seconds later said "I'm pretty sure I already know what it is but let me get a better view." and then she said "It's a GIRL!". AAAHHHH A GIRL!!!! I was so excited and a little shocked since I thought it was a boy. I of course started crying-haha.
The tech spent about 10 minutes showing us our baby girl. We got to see her moving all around... including trying to suck her thumb... oh no another thumb sucker ;) She was very active and gave us quit a show. The tech said "She's very proud to be a girl! She keeps showing me her girl parts." We are all so excited!!! Now we just have to wait until August to meet her... it's going to be a long summer!

Friday, March 11, 2011

16 Weeks!

I am 16 weeks pregnant this week! I finally am feeling so much better. All the nausea is gone and replaced with heartburn and yucky acid reflux-yipee ;)
I started going to a chiropractor because with Ben I had horrible headaches and backache. So far my head and back feels great... but I'm not really that big yet so hopefully it keeps helping!
I saw my OB today and the baby sounded great! My blood pressure was a little elevated but nothing to concerning. The doctor also doesn't have to worry about me losing any more weight... I gained 5lbs!!! I'm really excited because on my next visit I get to find out if it's a boy or a girl :)