Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shopping for Sister

Ben helped me pick some things out for Reese Saturday. He is such a sweet boy! Although there was a baseball outfit and he said "too bad we aren't having a boy." hahahaa!

We just picked up some random things she needed. Oh and I couldn't leave with out the zebra print hat :)

I almost forgot! Ben finally got to feel the baby move! Now he talks to her a little bit-so sweet!

My Birthing Plan...According To Ben

Ben and I were headed to the park Friday when he had a question for me...
Well sort of a question. Ben never really asks questions. He already has his answer and he just wants you to agree with him-weather it's right or not! haha!
So here is how our conversation went:

Ben: Mommy does it hurt when you have the baby?
Me: Mommy ain't gonna lie... YES, yes it does.
Ben: What all does the doctor do when you have the baby? I know they put you in that bed. Then they check your heart and temperature. Then they give you some medicine and you fall asleep. Then while you are asleep they get the baby out.... so it doesn't hurt.
Me: Well kinda. They do give mommy medicine so she can rest before the baby comes. But mommy is awake when the baby comes.
Ben: I know. But they do give you medicine so you can sleep and then they get the baby out so it doesn't hurt.
Me: Okay buddy :)

Sometimes it's just better to agree with Ben then to have an hour long debate with him. I chose to agree with him on this one-haha. He doesn't really need to know how much pain mommy will be in... And I kinda like his idea anyway ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Last night was Ben's last baseball game :( The season went by too fast! Ben loves playing baseball and we all love watching him play!
I love to watch Ben hit-because then I get to see him run! The kid is sooooo fast!!!! I should have got video this year but didn't-oopsie! I also really liked when he played 2nd base (or covered 2nd base)-That's where he got made most of his outs!
Here is some pictures from last nights game. We can't wait to see everyone next season!!!!!

The boys warming up before the game.

Coach Matt (Daddy) & Uncle Luke. Thanks Uncle Luke for coming to all the games :D

Logan, Ben, & Caden!

Our attempt at a family picture-geez!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well this wasn't exactly how we'd hoped the first day of summer break would be.... It's gloomy out there!
We have been under a severe storm warning since yesterday-and it looks like it may stay that way for a couple days :( But I will not complain any longer about not laying out by the pool when I have a home, clothes, water, food and my family and friends are safe! Horrible tornados devastated Joplin, MO last night! I had to turn the news off this morning and stop listening to stories because it's just so sad :( There is a lot of organizations and churches collecting items to take to Joplin to help those in need... If you can help with anything please do! I am sure that anything we give is appreciated! A friend of mine, her brother is a Pastor at a church in Joplin and asked for drinking water. She and her husband were going to take all the water they collected to Joplin this evening. Ben and I went by the store and picked up some water to donate. My prayers are with all of those suffering!

I tried to keep Ben busy today so he wasn't bored. We went and picked him up some new shoes to take on his trip to Rhode Island. Then I took him to get his hair cut OFF! He got a buzz :)

On to day two of summer break-haha!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drillers Night with the Tigers!

Ben's baseball team went to Drillers stadium to do the Field Of Dreams Team! The boys get to take the field with the Drillers during the National Anthem and it's the cutest thing EVER!!!

The boys on the bigscreen!

My little #2!!!


Ben & Caden watching the fireworks!

It's A Parade!

Rooster Day's was last weekend! Ben loves going to the parade and going to the festival! We always meet Cousin Landon there :)

This picture needs a caption :) Landon got up on the stage and did a little dance in front of the whole crowd at Rooster Day's-hahha!

Friday, May 13, 2011

We have a ROOF!

The house is coming along! The picture above was taken a couple days ago. Matt and Ben went by the house last night and it has garage doors and arches inside!!! It's exciting to see!! Today though I got an overwhelming feeling-I have so much to do before the house is done and before the baby gets here!!! I have a feeling the house and our baby girl are going to be here around the same time - eeekkkk!

Fire Station Field Trip!

Yesterday Ben's class went to the Fire Station! All the kids were VERY excited and had a great time!
The dad of another student at Ben's school gave the tour and he did an awesome job! Then at the end of the tour the firemen grilled hot dogs for the kids :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Swim Of The Season

It was in the 90's here Saturday so we went and hung out by the apartment pool for a little while. Ben got in the freezing water and then eventually talked his Daddy into getting in :)
Ben loves swimming and we'll probably be spending a lot of time at the pools this summer!

Daddy & Ben Hobby

Matt and Ben have picked up a new hobby.... GOLFING! Ben absolutely loves it! They went and hit a bucket of balls a couple weekends ago so Ben wanted to play the course next time :) I went with the boys last Saturday and they played 9 holes (Ben would have kept going but I was hot and hungry!)... Then Ben talked his Daddy into going Sunday too! They are going to take lessons together so they can really learn the game. I love that Matt spends so much time with Ben and that he enjoys it :) Ben and I are very lucky!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Tea!

Ben brought home a sweet little invitation from school this week :)

Mrs. Hayes had each child greet their Mom at the door and invite them in... it was really cute! Ben walked me to my seat and then brought me pink lemonade and a cookie :)

The kids got in front of the class and sang a song and said a poem to all us Moms! They did great!!!

Then Ben gave me a special little present that he had made!

Me and my sweet boy! Love him so much!!!!

We Appreciate You!!!

Teacher appreciation was Wednesday! We are very lucky to send Ben to a school with such wonderful teachers!!!
Ben's teacher, Mrs. Hayes is great!!! He also has sweet Mrs. Jones in his class (she's their aide). Ben loves school so much so we had to do a little something special for Mrs. Hayes & Mrs. Jones!!!

Ben made them each a card!

I made them YUMMY chocolate covered strawberries!

I hope Ben's teachers know how much we APPRECIATE them both!!!!