Thursday, July 28, 2011

Everyone Should Have Some...

GIRLFRIENDS! I have the best group of girls from church!
Today I got a delivery from my friend, Tonya. She came with a HUGE basket full of goodies from some of the ladies from church!
There is CapriSuns, Juices, Mac n Cheese, candy, gum... too much to list! A Chili's gift card!!! Oh and lets not forget the cinnamon rolls-yummy!

A book & magazines. There was also a movie!

Lego's & a fun little game for Ben! He is going to love it!

I am just amazed at what these ladies do when one of us needs something! They are such wonderful women!
Thank you so much, Tonya, Kristen, Jennifer, Beth, Nikkoli, Carrie, Marissa, & Amber! Love you ladies!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The "Hotel" Pool

Today we had some friends over to the apartment to swim. Ben's friends, Carlee & Cydnee have been wanting to come swim at our "hotel" pool-haha! The kids had fun together and Carrie and I got to visit a little.
Ben & Carlee

Ben & Cydnee

This lil' stinker came too! Mr. Collin :)

noodle wars!
fun times!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun At The Alley

Today we meet some friends at the bowling alley. All the kids bowled and us moms just sat and chatted :)

Jack, Judd, Ben, & Jackson

My little bowler!

Ben bowlin'!
The scores!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Another doctors appointment today :) 34 weeks today! I had another ultrasound and the tech got some really great pictures of Reese's face!
Reese is doing great! My blood pressure is good and everything else is fine too. No weight gain or loss-I don't think I've gained any weight in about a month. I've started getting sick again-but it's only at night. My next doctors appointment is July 26th... I'll be 36 weeks then. It's just a waiting game now and this family runs a little low on patience ;)

Reese's Work Crew

Sunday Matt and Ben put together Reese's cradle, swing, and Diaper Genie!
Reese and I are so lucky to have these two guys!

Oh and they helped me clean the WHOLE apartment :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Gift For Reese

I took Ben to Build A Bear today to make a gift for Reese. He wanted to make her a puppy because that's what he has, but they didn't have any girly puppies :( He did find a cute brown bunny with sparkly pink paw pads!
The lady who was stuffing the bunny asked Ben if the bunny was for him. He said "No. It's for my sister." Then she asked him how old his sister is. He just looked at her then looked at me-Like uh lady do you not see my moms belly? It was hilarious!!!
He picked out little pink bows for the bunny's ears! It turned out really cute!!!
Ben can't wait to bring it to Reese at the hospital!!! We are so ready for this baby ;)
stuffing the bunny!
filling out the birth certificate for the bunny!
very proud of his present :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011!

We went to our annual 4th of July celebration at Marc & Christy's! We had some yummy food. The kids played in the water. Then all the men & kids shot fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks!!!! Thanks Christy for hosting another fun 4th-We had a blast!!!!

Yay cool water!!! It was so HOTTTTT!


smoke balls!

more smoke balls!

my handsome boy-hydrating :)


Roman Candles-clearly this was not okayed by mommy ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flusche's Fun In The Sun Day

Friday Uncle A.J. came from Florida to visit! Ben and Landon were very excited to see him!!! Uncle A.J. is in the Navy so we haven't seen him in a while :( So we all love it when he comes to see us!!!
Christy's parents let us invade their pool so we could have some fun in the sun! (Thanks Kim & Jim!)

Matt & his one legged cannon ball!

Marc being fancy!

Ben and his "spin slide"!

Landon sliding backwards!

Ben & Landon sliding!

The boys helping Uncle A.J. get out of Macee's innertube :)

Sweet Macee enjoying some Goldfish!