Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's and A Pledge

Happy Valentine's Day (a day late-ha)!
Yesterday Ben had his class party. I got the kids a ton of icing with a side of cookie cake :)
The kids played a game were they had to pick up candy hearts with chopsticks and put them in a bowl. Kind of a Minute To Win It game. It looked like they had a good time!

I throw a very ethnic Valentine's class party ;) Chopsticks and candy hearts in Spanish.
We had pizza for dinner!


Today in Chapel Ben lead one of the pledges.

We had to leave Chapel early because someone was distracting to the kids-ha!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spirit Week 2012

SPIRIT WEEK at Ben's school!! SO FUN!!!!
K4 thru 6th grade collect food for John 3:16 Mission, and have lots of fun doing it!

The kids collected *16, 113* pounds of food!!!!

Every day is a different dress up theme. Ben dressed up every day but only let me take a few pictures-ha!

Sports Day

Clash Day

"Trust-Anaut" He updated the kids on the amount of food everyday at chapel time.

Ben (in the green shirt) with his team.
Half of the kids.

Friday, February 3, 2012

6 Months!

Our little monkey is 6 months old today!
She is so funny! We are always laughing at something she's doing.

Reese loves FOOD! She gets cereal and fruit, and veggies.

She likes playing in her bouncer/exersaucer. Reese likes anything her big brother does :) She gets really excited when Daddy gets home from work!

Reese has 2 bottom teeth and acts like maybe she's getting 2 on top.
(This is the only way I could get a picture of her teeth. It was like wrestling an alligator!)

She pretty much sleeps through the night now. Naps are still speratic.
Reese is a sweet baby but full of drama!