Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reese's First Day at School

Reese had her first day of Mother's Day Out!  She went in to class just fine.  I peeked in on her when I was leaving and she was standing with the other kiddos... no tears!
When I went to pick her up she was still waking up from her nap.  She was all cuddled up on her nap mat so it seemed like she at least took a little nap.
Miss Terri said that Reese had a great day with just a few tears in the middle of the day.  Reese has never stayed away from me for that long (except for family) so I figured she would get a little sad.
I was very happy to get a hold of her :)  I missed her!
When we got home I was emptying her lunch box out.  Then I noticed that I left out her ice pack!!!  So my little girl had WARM cheese stick, turkey lunch meat, and strawberries!!!!  MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!!  It didn't look like she ate any of the turkey-THANK GOODNESS!  But who can blame her-gross!  So I took out a Sharpie and wrote inside Reese's lunch box "PUT IN ICE PACK!".
I think Reese is going to really enjoy going to her little school.  They get to play on an awesome playground and go to music class!
She's ready to go!

Loading up!

She wanted to put her lunch box up herself :)

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